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Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 20 Update

Its week 20 and nothing much to report..having some headaches but that's about it.. Oh! Did I just feel something? Nope I think it was just gas :)

Still waiting for the boigl to make its presence FELT.

Okay, so we have a new poll...heshe has changed its size this week. If you have been following you will notice a fruit pattern. So, what fruit do you think shim is this week???

We were underwhelmed by the overwhelming response to last week's poll and wanted to let you know that only one person voted correctly (and that was me) the boigl weighed 10oz!

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  1. While I was working with Jennifer, she asked me to feel the baby! "I was excited but scared because I've never felt an actual baby in a stomach! It was amazing and just so unbelievable that there was actually a little baby growing and moving inside of jennifer! just wanted to share my first actual interaction with the boigl.. im still not sure if I got a high five or a little kick but it was cute:)