How mommy has evolved

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who do you call when it is late?

Is there a customer service center we can call if this thing is late?

Saturday, we went to the Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square and walked a bit, had the spicy lasagna we made for dinner, we were ready. Nothing.

Today,, we missed honoring our parents on grand-parents day with a new grandchild.

Tomorrow, 9/13 is the official due date.

Mommy is feeling good, ready, but still feeling good.
Contractions aren't too intense, yet.. Nor are they occurring with any regularity.

Now it is time to sit and wait.

Pictures of a "Pregretion of a Mommy" are posted.

This week's poll, higher or lower than 8 lbs 2 oz?
What do you think?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Newest View

Another ultrasound this morning. Wow, there is a real living thing in there, check out the new pics. This past month has been wonderful, we had a visit from South Florida that put all the Boigl's Grandparents in one room; Nana, Grandma, Abuelita, Mom-mom, Pop-pop, and Abuelo. Mom-mom Marmon hosted a beautiful shower. Tia Vicki had a chance to see and feel the baby bump moving. We are now blessed with the company of Tia Estee.
Baby's measurements and mommmy's tests all look good.

Look at the pair of pictures to the right, the one on the left was in June and the one in the right was today. Pretty cool!

Finally, the polls, what sex do you think the Boigl is?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Less than 2 months

The Boigl maker has celebrated her 35th birthday and didn't get baby-only gifts. Although she did get a few preggo t-shirts.

Now we head into the home stretch. We had another ultrasound this morning and the Boigl looks good and healthy and apparently already needs a haircut, might explain mom's heartburn? The biggest surprise so far, Jenn has not spontaneously combusted in the mid-Atlantic heat. As the Boigl is moving around lots, we presume it has not been soft-boiled. Although mommy forgot to protect her legs from the sun while at the shore last weekend, so her regs rook rike a robster. And daddy turned his ankle playing volleyball, so we were both limping around.
We also had our labor basics class last Saturday where we were lectured on and learned about the ins-and-outs of labor. Everything from the Braxton Hicks to the stages of delivery to how mommy's body will push out the Boigl to passing the placenta. And to put it mildly, we are a little more prepared, a little more excited and a lot more anxious.

No change in the fruit and vegetable equivalent the past few weeks, we are still a head of lettuce. The poll this go round is related to how much the Boigl weighs as of this morning. What do you think?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Entering 3rd Trimester

We've officially entered the final decent into bringing love, joy, and insanity into our lives.
We've been told that upside-down is an understatement, can't wait.
This week we have a new vegetable for comparison, check the poll and our first view of what our Boigl will look like. Posted is a picture of the Boigl taken through 4D Ultrasound.

Polls on sex and weight are coming soon, for all three of you out there who are reading the blog.


Brewing Boigl since December 2009

Monday, June 7, 2010

As we enter the final trimester...

Hey Everyone,
So we have gotten through trimester number two,
The Boigl's not soft boiled, yet,
but early June heat is starting to make us sweat.

We went to New England for the Boigl's first trip, for Saul's graduation and to meet the Levy clan. Heshe was on hiser's best behavior, got along with everyone, and did not get into any fights.

Now we enter the third trimester and our love for our little development is growing fast.
Jenn's belly is-a-bumpin, with the Boigl doing all the swimming and acrobats.
We feel so blessed and amazed with this process and can't wait for our lives to be turned upside-down. We think...

The poll for this posting is related to the Boigl's fruit or vegetable equivalent for the past 2 weeks?
What do you think?

Jenn and Adam
-Brewing Boigl since December 2009

Monday, May 3, 2010

Heat and Pregnancy

Many of you probably know that my beautiful wife does not fair well with heat. As we are entering the month of May here in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, the warmth and humidity have begun to plague my baby's momma. Therefore, I post the following question to you all:

Is it possible to deliver a Soft-boiled Boigl?

Answer to last weeks poll, the Boigl was a "large banana".

Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh What a Feeling!

Last night, while lying in bed, my beautiful wife was a little sore. Her belly was tight and probably swelling a bit more. I decided to give the boigl a little talk and let it know that I was here and so very excited for it to arrive. In doing so, I kept my hand on Jenn's belly. Gently feeling and pushing here and there to ease Jenn's feelings and tightness. I then put my hand on a section of her belly that was a little firm, I applied a little more pressure and suddenly, it moved.
I jumped!
Jenn: Did you feel that?
Me: Yes!
Together, for the first time, we think we FELT the boigl. This morning we both woke with grins on our faces and can't wait to hole the belly some more this weekend.
We are not talking substantial kicking or anything, yet. But exciting none the less.
More to come...