How mommy has evolved

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Newest View

Another ultrasound this morning. Wow, there is a real living thing in there, check out the new pics. This past month has been wonderful, we had a visit from South Florida that put all the Boigl's Grandparents in one room; Nana, Grandma, Abuelita, Mom-mom, Pop-pop, and Abuelo. Mom-mom Marmon hosted a beautiful shower. Tia Vicki had a chance to see and feel the baby bump moving. We are now blessed with the company of Tia Estee.
Baby's measurements and mommmy's tests all look good.

Look at the pair of pictures to the right, the one on the left was in June and the one in the right was today. Pretty cool!

Finally, the polls, what sex do you think the Boigl is?