How mommy has evolved

Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh What a Feeling!

Last night, while lying in bed, my beautiful wife was a little sore. Her belly was tight and probably swelling a bit more. I decided to give the boigl a little talk and let it know that I was here and so very excited for it to arrive. In doing so, I kept my hand on Jenn's belly. Gently feeling and pushing here and there to ease Jenn's feelings and tightness. I then put my hand on a section of her belly that was a little firm, I applied a little more pressure and suddenly, it moved.
I jumped!
Jenn: Did you feel that?
Me: Yes!
Together, for the first time, we think we FELT the boigl. This morning we both woke with grins on our faces and can't wait to hole the belly some more this weekend.
We are not talking substantial kicking or anything, yet. But exciting none the less.
More to come...