How mommy has evolved

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Less than 2 months

The Boigl maker has celebrated her 35th birthday and didn't get baby-only gifts. Although she did get a few preggo t-shirts.

Now we head into the home stretch. We had another ultrasound this morning and the Boigl looks good and healthy and apparently already needs a haircut, might explain mom's heartburn? The biggest surprise so far, Jenn has not spontaneously combusted in the mid-Atlantic heat. As the Boigl is moving around lots, we presume it has not been soft-boiled. Although mommy forgot to protect her legs from the sun while at the shore last weekend, so her regs rook rike a robster. And daddy turned his ankle playing volleyball, so we were both limping around.
We also had our labor basics class last Saturday where we were lectured on and learned about the ins-and-outs of labor. Everything from the Braxton Hicks to the stages of delivery to how mommy's body will push out the Boigl to passing the placenta. And to put it mildly, we are a little more prepared, a little more excited and a lot more anxious.

No change in the fruit and vegetable equivalent the past few weeks, we are still a head of lettuce. The poll this go round is related to how much the Boigl weighs as of this morning. What do you think?