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Monday, June 7, 2010

As we enter the final trimester...

Hey Everyone,
So we have gotten through trimester number two,
The Boigl's not soft boiled, yet,
but early June heat is starting to make us sweat.

We went to New England for the Boigl's first trip, for Saul's graduation and to meet the Levy clan. Heshe was on hiser's best behavior, got along with everyone, and did not get into any fights.

Now we enter the third trimester and our love for our little development is growing fast.
Jenn's belly is-a-bumpin, with the Boigl doing all the swimming and acrobats.
We feel so blessed and amazed with this process and can't wait for our lives to be turned upside-down. We think...

The poll for this posting is related to the Boigl's fruit or vegetable equivalent for the past 2 weeks?
What do you think?

Jenn and Adam
-Brewing Boigl since December 2009

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